…so I haven’t gotten into it much but yes, I’ve gotten food poisoning in China before.  My first time it kicked in during a three-hour bus ride from Dali to Kunming.  The bus had a toilette, but it wasn’t working.  I used it anyway.

The second time I was lucky enough to be near a fully functional pot, but it was probably the worst I’ve ever gotten it.  I didn’t sleep a wink that night.

Other than that I deal with the occasional upset stomach from eating food that my tummy hasn’t grown fully accustomed too yet.  This round of queasiness I believe was brought on by a bad starfish I ate in Qingdao (and it didn’t even taste good.)  It doesn’t compare to the pain an anguish I felt with my last bouts of food sickness, but after a six-hour train ride with a revolving cast of drunk, smoking, shirtless Chinese men posing for pictures with the ‘laowai’ and yelling in my face for the whole trip, I think it’s time for me to go to bed.  To keep everyone satisfied, here’s a picture of my friend Serena and lady with a badass haircut.