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Biddle Writes

The following story is the second installment in my longer piece, “Loawai!” a portfolio of stories from my travels in China.  To read the first part of “Laowai!” click here.

I wake up.  Nothing.  No Mr. Li. No food. No sassy grad student from Seattle, and no heat.  I pull out my computer and discover that there’s no internet.  I try to turn on the TV, but there’s no power button on the box itself and no batteries in the remote. I can’t find a broom to sweep up the dust bunnies.  I can’t find soap in the kitchen to wash the dirty dishes.

I unpack the rest of my things, and wonder if Mr. Li plans to stop by, just for a check up.  He’s given me a phone number, but I don’t have a phone.  There’s a balcony for hanging clothes in my room, and from it…

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