A short list of sights, sounds, experiences that remind me where I am…more to come

  • Two friends and I came back from a night out in Jinan to find the walkway to the apartment we were staying in had become a gigantic hole in the ground with two Chinese guys standing in it, just as shocked to see us as we were to see them.  We had about three inches of wobbly ground to walk on, but with the help of the workers got through.  The hole must have been over four feet deep, three feet wide and 6 feet long.  But as of six o’clock the next morning, couldn’t even tell it had been tampered with.
  • Disney has English schools in Shanghai.  Brilliant
  • This:

  • Shrink-wrapped chicken feet.
  • There’s a very upscale restaurant in Liaocheng themed after Xiang Yang (Little Sheep), an immensely popular children’s cartoon character.  This would be the equivalent of Sponge-Bob themed restaurant serving thirty dollar steaks.
  • Photo-Shop, Windows, Autocad…all cost about 5 RMB (less than a dollar.)
  • A dwarf-community/ theme park in Yunnan Province
  • Strangers actually talk to each other on the train.
  • I was a “celebrity judge” last night for an English class’ drama performance.
  • Most foreigners in Liaocheng have been featured on the local news at one point or another, myself included.
  • My buddy lit a cigarette once and his mouth went numb for a minute from exposure to too much ammonia.
  • Jeep is an automobile and clothing brand.