Here are some pictures from my visit to Jinan.  Check back tomorrow for a full length post about the whole trip.

Thousand Buddha Mountain.  Not on the high on the list of must-sees in China, but of all the temples, parks, and gardens I’ve visited in China Thousand Buddha is near the top.  We were lucky enough to be there just after a rain storm, and dense forests and gardens smelled strongly of Spring.

Several caves on the mountain contain portrayals of the Bhuddha,  Bodhisattvas, and other deities carved out of the stone walls.

Blind buskers play two traditional Chinese instruments on the streets of Jinan.  The man on the left plays the arhu, and on the right, the yanqin.

Dean in the stairwell of the apartment his school put him in for the two weeks he’ll be teaching in Jinan.  The stairs seemed to suffice as the junkyard for most of the residents, despite the fact that the apartment itself was quite nice.