It can be difficult at times to live with my Korean roommates, who for the most are all wonderfully fan and caring people, but for some reason seem to be a little scared to talk to me.  We do our best to converse in Chinese, but they’re accent is a far cry from the accent of my teachers and Liaocheng people, so I often don’t understand what they’re saying to me.  In any case I’ve grown a bit tired of just waving at them and thought that it was time we started spending more time together.  I brought them out to a restaurant I like about a week ago, and it turned out to be one of the funnest excursions of my time in China.  One girl, Kim, can speak Chinese very well, and I also brought my Chinese friend Nathan with us, who speaks English.  So when I wanted to convey something to them but didn’t know how to say it, I would tell Nathan, who would tell Kim, who would tell the rest of the group.  It was certainly a roundabout way of communicating with them, and limited our conversation to only a few topics, but what we were able to get across felt incredibly gratifying, turning the simplest of phrases into a deeply meaningful proclamation for all of us.  I hope to do it again soon.  Below are a few pictures from or night out.

Once the Koreans got a few drinks in them they really loosened up.  They actually tried to talk to me, which was somewhat of a first.

About halfway through the meal I started talking with these guys who were fascinated at the sight of so many foreigners in Liaocheng.  They ended up getting way too drunk and bothering some of the Koreans a bit too much, so we left them to their own devices and went back to the dorm.