In a nation with a quarter of the world’s workforce, heavy machinery is often times rather obsolete.  Every Chinese city has a fleet of these street cleaners, pedaled around by workers dressed in orange who do their best to clean up after the world’s most infamous litter bugs.

A farmer bags a couple baby ducks for his customers on the street.  Despite being a “communist” nation, China’s economy seems to me be the definition of a free market.  If you have something to sell, just post up on the side of the road and start pitching your product.  I’d say this guy did pretty well.

Spice vendors are some of the most common at street markets, and always a favorite of mine.  I’ve always loved the presentation, they way they have over stuffed bags with the tops rolled down.  I love sinking my hands into these bags, and the bizarre smells, spicy, sweet, savory, always a bit of bite to the nostrils that keeps me awake at night.

China is growing fast, often times too fast for it’s own good.  It’s common to come across a scene like this, in which a building has been demolished to make way for a new one and migrant workers pick through the wreckage for salvageable parts.  This building was most likely not even that old, but for one reason or another it was deemed unsuitable and torn down for a new one.  Perhaps it’s a way of providing relatively constant employment for their massive population.  In any case, they usually don’t take the time to ensure proper structural integrity.  These buildings aren’t made to last.