Hello all, I’m afraid I don’t have much time for a post today, so I’ve provided a list of links to other sites and blogs about China, most of which are already in my blog roll.

Guanxi Master: This is a wonderful blog devoted to the sociological study of Chinese culture.  These guys are wonderful writers, and very intelligent.  I strongly recommend visiting this site to have a better understanding of Chinese culture.

Aimee Barnes: Barnes is an intelligent and seasoned expat blogger, well known in the China blogosphere.  Go here for more intelligent politically based articles.

China Youth Watch: This is an English language blog written by a group of Chinese writers following the beat and pulse of China’s massive population of young people.  Ever heard of a Chinese hipster?  Read about it here.

The Local Dialect:  This is a blog written by an American woman who married a Chinese man and now lives in Beijing with her family.  She’s got a wonderfully personal voice, and provides a lesser known perspective for women in China, as well as details of what Chinese family life is like.

Well that’s all for now folks!  I have a five hour train ride to Beijing this afternoon, and I’ll be crammed into the “coach” section of the train, guaranteed to have quite an adventure.  Check back soon to read about it!  Zai Jian!