I’m going out for a tour of the city with my Chinese friend Tony today, and then meeting some foreigners from the English school in Liaocheng for dinner tonight, so before I head out, here are a few pictures of the city.

This is the main square in Downtown Liaocheng. I don't know what that building is, but it's a wonderful example of China's creative style of architecture.

Retired people in China like to take up a variety of hobbies to stay active. This can range from Tai chi, to kite flying, to what this guy is doing, which in the states I believe is referred to as diablo. They congregate in public places and practice together for hours on end.

I don't know what this add is for, but it's certainly an attention grabber.

Animal rights activists beware, China is not the place for you.

I've developed a little friendship with this street vendor, and was finally able to convince him to let me take a picture of him.

The market where I bought my bike.

My next post:  Do they really eat dogs in China?  The question you’ve all been waiting for…