The past few days have been a blur of excitement and the familiar feeling of alienation in this other-worldly nation.  I must have walked about ten miles yesterday, getting lost several times and earning a relaxing massage at the hands of a blind masseuse.  I checked out Tiananmen Square, and wandered through Wangfujing, Beijing’s upscale shopping district.  I met four guys from Britain who are backpacking around Asia, and with a girl from Seattle whose been in Beijing for a while went out for Peking Duck and drinks in Sanlitun, Beijing’s most popular bar hopping destination.  We ended up getting back at about five in the morning.  It was the kind of experience that makes American College kids’ mouths water, and the kind that makes me never want to grow up and get a real job.  Though it was not a distinctly Chinese experience, it’s still nice to get my adolescent kicks out before I head down to Liaocheng, as I most likely will not be able to do such a thing once school starts.  I’ve posted a few pictures from my trip to Tiananmen Square below.