I got into Beijing last night after a grueling 15 hour plane ride to Seoul, South Korea and a quick layover.  A word of advice to anyone traveling in Asia: make sure to know how to say the address of your hotel in the local language, or better yet have it written down in the characters.  I stupidly assumed I would be able to translate the address to my hostel, and ended up traveling around Beijing with a very annoyed cab driver.  I didn’t have the phone number either, which was another amateur move, but I got here safe and sound in the end, and it wasn’t even all that expensive.  I’m staying at the Sunlitan Youth hostel, which is very nice.  It’s staffed by several young Chinese girls who all speak English and are very helpful.  I don’t have any solid plans for the day, but I thought I would head over towards the Forbidden Palace and Tianneman Square and see if I can get myself into any trouble (Don’t worry mom and dad, not with the police).